Singing to the Masses!

I Love to sing

Hi all! I'm Chris Sullivan and thanks for checking out my page. I perform at churches around the Puget  Sound. I sing mostly popular music and music that can be sung at church. Currently, I perform monthly at Seattle Unity with occasional performances at Amazing Grace in Ballard and a new church for me called Genesis in Burien, WA.

I live in Auburn, wa with my husband and our new puppy. I have been singing at churches and karaoke since I was 7 years old (not karaoke just churches, I didn't start karaoke until I could sing in bars). A few years ago I was in a singing competition called "Just Sing Already" and I got 28th in Washington. I have auditioned for the Voice and for American Idol as well in the past. I sing with passion and I love to perform on stage. 

Contact me on my contact page or send me an email if you want to book me for an event (I don't just sing for churches!) Check out the music on my music page and sign up for my mailing list so I can let you know when I will be performing. 

See you soon!